UberEATS, Menulog, EatNow, Foodora, and Deliveroo are the main online ordering service providers for restaurants in Australia. Delivery Hero was also a main provider but exited the Australian market in November 2016.


UberEATS is an expansion of Uber Technologies Inc. and was founded in August 2014. UberEATS claims to deliver food in 10 minutes or less. UberEATS launched in Australia in 2016.

Menulog / EatNow

In February 2015 Menulog and EatNow merged under the new name Menulog Group Ltd. In May 2015 Just Eats purchased Menulog Group Ltd. for $687M. Both Menulog and Eatnow provide online ordering services.


Foodora is a Berlin based company founded in 2014 providing food delivery services for over 6500 restaurants in 10 countries. Foodora was purchased by Delivery Hero in September 2015.


Deliveroo is an online food delivery company founded in London in 2012. Deliveroo has raised close to $500M from investors. 


Below is a comparison table of Uber Eats, Menulog, EatNow, Foodora, and Deliveroo.

  Commission Fee Online Ordering Provides Delivery Creates Restaurant Websites 
UberEATS 20% - 30% Yes Yes  No
Menulog/EatNow 14% - 30% Yes No  Yes
Foodora 30% Yes Yes  No
Deliveroo 20% - 25% Yes Yes  No

More restaurants are now looking for a 0% commission online ordering system that will help their profit margins.